Comdata is an American based company which provides a wide range of financial solutions which are dedicated to pay, data, and purchase management. In order to help the clients to easily manage their Comdata account, it has been implemented an online card management system which is named as iConnect Comdata.

As Comdata is eminent for issuing pay cards or paperless payroll cards, fleet fuel cards, and corporate spends cards, it provides the payment processing service with virtual payments and even trucking permits. It offers integrated financial solutions which has made it easier to pay the employees on time in a safe and secure manner.

iConnect Comdata can be used to make any purchase by a company including from paying vendors to managing all kinds of expenses. It is an online website specifically useful for every employee that can help to access all payroll information and know about your employer.

Another added benefit is iConnect Comdata portal is available on Mobile too. So that, employees can easily access their accounts and make changes on their Comdata account. It has thousands of users across United States of America and allowing all users who having a Comdata account holder.

Logging Instructions to Access iConnectData

If you are working as an employee at Comdata company, you can follow below login steps to log into the registered account that included:

  • Go to official website address from your preferred web browser.
  • Type your account user name and password on appropriate fields.
  • Once you have confirmed that the entered details are valid, go to login button and get access to the benefits offered.

Registering for Your Comdata Pay Card

All Comdata card holders should create an online account and activate their pay cards. For that, simply register on the official portal and enjoy online features through managing an online account. Initially, you don’t know about what the activation code is. But, you will get access to the activation instructions once you have received Comdata pay card. Here, the company uses your DOB, an employee ID, or phone number, or any other numbers will be chosen as the activation code.

  • Visit the iConnectData Comdata Login portal

Initially, you just go to an official website address and open the web page. On this web page, you will get to know the register button on the left side. Simply provide your card number and will view two boxes on the registration page. In the first field, enter iConnectData card number and activation code in the second field. After that, click on next button and check numbers for accuracy prior to going forward. Now, you will have to create your user name which should contain numbers and letters.

  • Create your passcode

In the next step, you need to create your passcode in the iConnectData Login process. The passcode should be 8 to 20 characters in length. Along with this, it should be the combination of letters and numbers for added security. Here, you should make sure that you can create something that you can remember.

  • Security question

After completion of creating a passcode, add a security question. Providing a security question will help you when forgot your iConnectData Account password. If you have answered the question, you will be able to reset your account password very easily.

Once you have accomplished all these steps, your iConnectdata card has been registered and log into the account for managing it online.

Resetting or Recovering iConnectData Login Credentials

To get access the iConnectData Login Account, you will have to know your user name and password. Whether you forgot your user name or password, you can follow below mentioned steps to recover that included:

  • Recover your user name for iConnect Comdata Pay Card Login

You first go to Comdata Login page and will see a link which says forgot password or user name. To retrieve your user name, you have to click on that link. Simply, enter your card number and email address correctly on the respective fields. If you made any mistakes, you can simply click on the blue button to reset the fields and enter accurate information. Finally, click on submit button and will receive an email from Comdata Login services.

  • Password Recovery

If in case of forgotten password, you will be able to recover it in a matter that you did for user name. Accordingly, click on forgot password or user name field. After that, enter your user name and email in the second box. Hit the reset button and will receive an email with instructions. To create a new password, you can visit iConnectData Comdata Login page and view your online information.

Once you have reset the information, the system will send you a new password so that you are not able to create one yourself. It’s very important to save the information somewhere or save the email which contains new password. As your login credentials information is case sensitive, you make sure that save the details as such.

Payment Solutions for iConnectData Customers

As a Comdata customer, you can able to get access to the payment solutions for your business that included:

  • Virtual payments

With the use of an account payable information also known as iConnectData Pay, you can simply set up an employee’s account information and can pay them online.

  • Point of sale solutions

iConnectData Comdata allows to get access to the POS systems and solutions that providing fuel site controllers to clients.

  • Employee payment

It is providing a Comdata Payroll card which lets to access a wide range of benefits which included rewards, incentives, and other benefits which can be added to the funds.

  • Healthcare

The medical providers can depend on Comdata payroll cards for medical providers or claim payments in the industry as well.

Along with these, iConnectData Comdata allows to gain the services which are relevant to the energy, transportation, construction, and the fleet solutions to clients as well. It is offering many solutions to its customers that included:

  • Comdata fleet card
  • Commercial and private business solutions
  • Regulatory compliance services
  • Small business fleet solutions
  • Fleet solutions, technologies, and resources

As a client to Comdata services, you will not only get access to the simplified payroll and payment solution but also helping to reduce the redundancy, waste, and help you better manage the business solutions and funds. To run a streamlined business, you can optimize the profit margins for your business.

Comdata Payroll Card

With the use of Comdata Payroll card, you can ease your payments. It is offering payment solutions for clients is what the company specializes in. By making use of Comdata Payroll card, you can depend on the benefit of electronic payment for your employees. The employees can use this card at anytime, can use it for online shopping, to pay bills, or anywhere else for making payments.

Why Use Comdata Payment Card Services?

When you are considering about Comdata Payment Card services, there are many reasons to use this which subsumed:

  • It helps to reduce the cost of paper check printing. You can able to pay the clients, vendors, and staff electronically.
  • Complete the task of payment service solution for your business. By using this pay card, you can able to pay for travel, entertainment, fuel, and any other service.
  • Streamline the work flow of your business. It allows to make the things easier on you and your staff as well.

Employees need not having a bank account and they can easily receive the payment through this Comdata card easily. On iConnectData Login page, employees directly load the card under payment section and no need to print paper checks with their pay salary information. Even though the staff members don’t have a bank account, they can pay them with the virtual payment solution of iConnectData.

Comdata helps the employees to save on total cost of fuel as a business. Since you can pay the fuel at a lower price, the program not only helps to manage the consumption but also manage the purchasing criteria over time for your business needs. With the use of fleet advance, you can easily control the total expenditures that you are using for a business.

By using iConnectData services, business owners can able to get several advantages which involved:

  • Remove the risks of increase.
  • Making your work life much easier with the real time information and data insights.